About Us

Urum Azarbaijan Bitumen Refining Company   has undertaken a policy toward developing functional horizons. Variety of products, better and high quality packing, taking control of the markets in the region and world and costumers satisfaction are on the priorities of this company. Urum Azarbaijan Bitumen Industry is one the important parts of developing economy in Iran. Among the refining industries, bitumen has great developing opportunity. Bitumen refining industry has both internal and international demands. The third generation of bitumen production can be considered as one of the blooming parts of the economy. Urum Azarbaijan Bitumen Refinery is one the biggest and advanced center of producing bitumen with standard quality in the country.

In 1393 Urum Azarbaijan Bitumen Refinery under the unique and dynamic management of Mojtaba Khorsandi and SaeedHashemzadeh has undertaken a great evolution by employing interested, entrepreneur and creative staff and also by up to date and advanced facilities in order to take the control of the internal and international markets. In so doing, Urum AzarbaijanBitumen Refinery has decided to join some of the bitumen companies and start its activity.

The activities that this company has done to universalize its products include establishing agents in Germany (MohammadNami), turkey (Mortaza Taghizadeh), Georgia(Mehdi Pajang) and Iraq ( Sepehr Salary).